On March 3, 1817, Boone County granted George Anderson a license to operate a ferry boat in Constance, Kentucky near the mouth of Dry Creek.

This year we celebrate 200 years of faithful service to the Ohio, Kentucky and the Indiana Tri-State area.  We would like to thank all of our customers and employees for helping us reach this historic milestone.  We look forward to continue serving the Tri-State region for many years to come.

Voyage through History

The Anderson Ferry has been transporting visitors and precious cargo across the mighty Ohio River for more than 200 years!

The original Ferry was powered by horses as they walked along…

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News and Updates

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The river is definitely not cooperating. We’re still closed. https://t.co/eVxBZBtyU62 days ago 4 8
It’s going to be a little longer before we can reopen https://t.co/ls7RMhEcm74 days ago 8 10



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